July 15, 2012

The Zoo Trip

As I mentioned earlier, I'm on vacation.  Friday the 13th, my husband, daughter and I took a trip down to the Virginia Safari Park.  We had visited it before, but that was a few years ago.

Basically, it's a drive through zoo where you can buy feed and feed the animals. We didn't buy feed this visit because I wanted to get pictures and the critters can be more aggressive when they want food. 

The Park has added a walk through section with caged animals so there was lots more to see.  There was a reptile house, a parakeet house where you could feed them right out of your hand, a flamingo house, and you could also feed a giraffe (but we didn't).  There were monkeys, tigers, tortoises, farm animals, kangaroos, cheetahs, and peacocks, to name some.  And one large white cat was prowling in the grassy area behind one of the monkey cages (I don't think it belonged to the zoo :) ).

The drive through part has various kinds of deer, camels, llamas, elk, wildebeest, camels, bison, ostrichs, and zebra, to name a few.

We took lots of pictures but I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet. 

The day was cloudy, but the rain held off until after we left.  We had a great time.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I went to a similar place as a child, always fun!