July 31, 2012

Hearts 11 and 12 (and more)

This is the final day of the 31 Hearts Challenge run by Ayala Art.  It's been fun.  In searching through my files, I discovered a couple of ACEOs I've done in the past that have hearts in them.  Here they are:

"Celebrate America"

This ACEO is a scan of the actual ACEO I did for a swap back in July of 2007.  It's digital art using a lot of picture tubes in Paint Shop Pro.  The heart is my original design as is the entire design itself.

"Vintage Cat 1"

"Vintage Cat 1" is a digital ACEO I created for a card (the two of hearts) in a deck of playing cards made by the ACEO ~ Art Cards Editions and Originals group on eBay.  One of these days I will list it for sale with the extra deck of cards I got just for that purpose.  There is and will be only one laser print of this card and the picture above is a scan of the actual card.

I do have this design without the added hearts as a limited edition print in my Etsy shop though.

Well, if I count hearts, I'm now at 26.  Hope you enjoy these entries.

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