September 20, 2013

Two More Faces

Here are the next two faces I've done for the 29 Faces Challenge run by Ayala Art (click on the face in the upper right for more info and to view other entries in the challenge).  The first is a doodle I did with black Micron ink on smooth Bristol board where I kept the pen on the paper (I did retrace over lines at times).  It was an interesting experiment, although the results weren't stellar by any means.  This piece is ACEO sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches) at its normal 300 dpi resolution.  The version below is 100 dpi.

"Face Doodle"

My fifth entry into the challenge is another ACEO using two different origami papers.  The woman's silhouette is cut from blue metallic paper (not sure if you can tell in the scan) and glued to a floral origami paper.  Then I glued the floral piece to a piece of heavyweight Bristol board paper.  I may decide to embellish it further, but for now I think it's an interesting piece.  The original scan is at 300 dpi resolution.  The version below is 100 dpi.


I feel like this piece needs a better title.  What do you think?  Anyway, click on the images for larger views and  I hope you enjoy looking at my faces.


  1. I like both of them. Suggestion for a title for the second, "Silhouette among the petunias. That is what the flowers look like to me.

  2. Both are great … though my fondness leans to the drawing.

  3. Glad your having fun... I love silhouettes!