September 29, 2013

Three More Faces

I am woefully behind on the 29 Faces Challenge for September 2013 (click on the face at right for more info or to see other people's entries).  I decided to do some more photo manipulations.  First, I edited an ACEO sized (2.5 by 3.5 inches) piece from a photograph I took of a statue at our local arboretum in October 2009 and resized it from its original 480 dpi to 300 dpi.  The result is below:

"Forest Face"

The version posted above is 100 dpi.  I then experimented with the photo in Paint Shop Pro 8.  The picture below was done with the Virtual Painter Collage plugin, but I don't remember what settings I used.  Again, it would be an ACEO size if printed, but the version below is 100 dpi.  I also had to run Sharpen on it when I reduced the picture size to capture the original detail.

"Forest Face Collaged"

For the last manipulation of the picture, I ran Artistic Effects, Colored Foil.  I started with the Custom 4 setting, kept the default gray (RGB 192) color, kept the default Angle of 133, changed the Blur to 17 and changed the Detail to 24.  I think it gives a cool, funky effect to the picture.  Again, it would be an ACEO size if printed and the version below is at 100 dpi.

"Forest Face Foiled"

As always, click on the pictures for larger views and I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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  1. Very fun face Sandra... sorry I was so behind on my blog reading.