June 27, 2011

Medieval Fantasy

Although it's now after midnight again, I will write about my Sunday experiences.  Sunday my husband, daughter, and I went to Natural Chimneys in Mt. Solon, where the Stone Tower Glenn Renaissance Faire took place over the weekend.  I took 74 pictures with my digital camera, some of which I can use for art references.  Click on the link to see information about and pictures (not mine) of the faire.  The weather was nice, if a bit cloudy.  There were several shady spots to sit to avoid sunburn.  We spent about three hours there.  The faire was a nice change of pace.  If you've read my profile, you know I have an interest in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  It was almost like going to a convention (which I don't attend as many of anymore).

Speaking of conventions...  Since I haven't posted to this blog that much, I should mention that I did attend some science fiction conventions in March like I mentioned having plans to do in my Happy New Year post.  I attended Shevacon in Roanoke and the locally run Madicon.  I entered art in both convention art shows and sold a digital ACEO at Shevacon and a 5x7 digital print at Madicon.

Anyway, when we came back home, we stopped at the arboretum, where I took 26 pictures of flowers, mostly lilies.  More art reference photos. :)

I may turn some photos into ACEOs and products for sale on Etsy and Zazzle.

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