February 17, 2013

Face 7

Well, I decided to do another photo alteration of a photograph I took in 2009 at our local arboreteum.  It's a statue of a little girl holding two bowls which act as bird feeders.  Anyway,  I spent some time trying different effects on this second photo and finally decided to go with the following alterations.  Using Paint Shop Pro 8, I reduced the picture to two colors, with the blue components selected, Stucki Error Diffusion and the Weighted palette chosen.  Then I made the image Greyscale.  The result is below.

"Arboretum Girl"

I think it has a rather gothic, unworldly quality.  The image is 300 dpi and would be 4" x 6" if printed.  Click on it for a larger view.

Hope you enjoyed this, my seventh face in the 29 Faces 2013 Challenge.  For more information on the challenge and how to participate in it, click on the face at the right.


  1. Great effects, I love photo manipulations. This is awesome, with the lighting, colors and textures, I think photos of statues are really fabulous to look at! Well done!