July 23, 2010

Christmas in July Sale

From now until the end of July, I'm running a Christmas in July (CIJ) Sale of all the ACEO prints I have up on Etsy. There's one photo and one watercolor reproduction and the rest are digital art prints. Check out what I have available by clicking here.

I have been staying up too late the last couple of days. Night before last I was checking You Tube to see if the movie House of Dark Shadows was there. I just got a catalog from MPI Home Video and could get every episode of this five year gothic soap opera on DVD, but for some strange reason, neither HoDS nor the other DS movie, Night of Dark Shadows, are on DVD. They were released on VHS, but I do wish they would release them on DVD.

I also checked out some footage from some of the Dark Shadows conventions. Hard to believe Jonathan Frid (who played vampire Barnabas Collins) is 85 and will be 86 in December. He was at this year's convention though.

It will be interesting to see the new movie remake of DS whenever it comes out. Johnny Depp (sigh!) will be playing Barnabas.

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